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Charles T Lauhon, PhD

Associate Professor

Our major research interest is the biochemistry of tRNA modification. Protein enzymes that modify individual bases of tRNA are especially interesting because their substrates are single nucleotides within a large highly structured tRNA molecule. Thus, these enzymes are able to recognize not only the nucleotide to be modified but also the surrounding RNA structure. Although many tRNA base modifications are simple chemically, many are crucial for maintaining fidelity during translation and the enzymes required for their biosynthesis often display unique reaction mechanisms. In addition, some modifications in bacteria are required for viabliity and are thus potential antibiotic targets.  We are interested in studying the mechanistic enzymology of these transformations through the use of organic chemistry (synthesis of alternate substrates and inhibitors), enzymology (establishing a chemical and kinetic mechanism) and molecular biology (to probe RNA substrate specificity). Current focus is on the development of rational design strategies for the discovery of antibiotics that target tRNA modification enzymes in bacteria.


Background: Chuck received his BS degree in chemistry (1986) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a PhD degree in chemistry (1992) from the University of California-Berkeley. He was a Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer Research Fellow in the Department of Molecular Biology at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He joined the School of Pharmacy faculty in the fall of 1996. His research interests are in the biochemistry of tRNA modification and nucleic acid chemistry.

Professional Interests: RNA biochemistry and medicinal chemistry


  • BS 1986 Chemistry - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • PhD 1992 Chemistry - University of California-Berkeley
  • 718-432:Pharmaceutical Biochemistry
  • 718-531:Medicinal Chemistry I
  • 718-770:CNS Drug Design Action & Application I
  • 718-771:CNS Drug Design Action & Application II
  • 726-800:Responsible Conduct in Research
Highlighted Publications:
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