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David H Kreling, PhD


The interplay of economics, markets/marketing, and policy provides a dynamic mix of issues and research questions for study. It also is exciting because such research often can have broad ranging implications for pharmacy, pharmacists, consumers, and society.


Dr. Kreling earned a BS degree in pharmacy from Ferris State University, a MS in pharmacy administration from Purdue University and PhD in pharmacy administration from the University of Texas at Austin. He joined the faculty of the UW School of Pharmacy after completing his graduate work. He has been an administrative board member of the Sonderreger Research Center since its inception in 1986 and is Director of the SRC Pharmacy Practice Enhancement and Action Research Link (PEARL Rx), a fledgling research network of pharmacist partners throughout Wisconsin. As a member of the Midwest Pharmacy Workforce Consortium Dr. Kreling has been a key researcher for national pharmacist workforce studies and has been involved in biennial state-wide salary and workforce studies throughout his tenure at UW. Dr. Kreling also is a Fellow of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science in the American Pharmacists Association.

Dr. Kreling practiced as a pharmacist in independent, chain, and institutional pharmacies before completing his Ph.D. His primary academic and research interests are in what often is referred to as traditional pharmacy administration, marketing and economics. Much of his research has been in the area of pharmacy economics and policy, primarily finance and reimbursement issues in community pharmacy. Other research activities have spanned a variety of topics generally related to pharmacy, practice, and consumers. He has published on topics including formularies, drug coverage, prescription costs and pricing, pharmacy benefit managers, pharmacist salaries, and general trends related to prescription drugs, with funding for his research from a variety of sources including state and federal government agencies, private corporations, state and national organizations, and foundations.

Professional Interests: Pharmacy economics and policy, pharmacist workforce, and pharmacist services.


  • BS 1978 Pharmacy - Ferris State University
  • MS 1981 Pharmacy Admin. - Purdue University
  • PhD 1984 Pharmacy Admin - University of Texas
Highlighted Publications:
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