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Deepika Rao, M.S., B. Pharm.

Research Assistant
PhD Candidate

PhD Dissertation:

Development of a patient-centered opioid misuse screening and brief intervention for the community pharmacy settings (Dec 2020 – present)
Committee Chairs: Olayinka Shiyanbola, PhD, James Ford II, PhD
Committee Members: Michelle Chui, PharmD, PhD, Randal Brown, MD, PhD, Gina Bryan, DNP, APRN
A mixed methods study using an exploratory sequential design to design the intervention and develop a CFIR- based implementation measure for community pharmacists providing the intervention.
Includes a systematic literature review, semi-structured interviews with pharmacists and patients, instrument development, cognitive interviews for testing, and mixed analysis for intervention development.

Master's thesis (Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA):

Community Pharmacists and Substance Use Disorders: Attitudes, Knowledge and Practices (May 2017 – Dec 2018)
Committee Chair: Vincent Giannetti, PhD
Committee Members: Khalid Kamal, MPharm, PhD, Jordan Covvey, PharmD, PhD, BCPS, John Tomko, PharmD, BCPP, John DeJames, R.Ph
Funded by: Defining the Future Grant; CPNP Foundation [Deepika Rao]
Prospective electronic survey to assess the attitudes, knowledge and practices among community pharmacists in treating substance use disorders including a standardized stigma scale, questionnaire and an open-ended question.
Published at: Access thesis here.

Ongoing Projects

Improving medication adherence among African Americans based on patient beliefs about diabetes (July 2019-present)
Faculty: Olayinka Shiyanbola, PhD
Funded by: NIH KL2 Award [Olayinka Shiyanbola]
A mixed methods study using an exploratory sequential design to develop and validate a culturally adapted illness perception questionnaire for African Americans with diabetes. 

Medication adherence in African Americans with Type II Diabetes: Changes over time (Sept 2018-present)
Faculty: Olayinka Shiyanbola, PhD
Funded by: UW ICTR OVCRGE [Olayinka Shiyanbola]
A longitudinal mixed methods study using an explanatory sequential design involving two quantitative surveys and a qualitative interview assessing the effect of psychosocial factors on oral medication adherence. 

Medication outcomes after implementation of NIATx strategies in Addiction Treatment Agencies (June 2019 – present)
Faculty: James Ford III, PhD
An intent to treat and per protocol analysis of medication outcomes using DDCAT Index measures from RCT data.  

A systematic literature review of health literacy tools clinical trials (Oct 2019 – present)
Faculty: Olayinka Shiyanbola, PhD
Funded by: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Pfizer

Deepika works as a research assistant for Dr. Shiyanbola and is part of the Shiyanbola Research Group. During her first year as an RA, Deepika completed a mixed methods study focusing on changes in diabetes medication adherence among African Americans. She is currently working on a mixed methods research project that aims to adapt an illness perception questionnaire for use with African Americans with Type II diabetes. She is also involved in a systematic literature review of health literacy in clinical trials. 

Deepika also works as a research assistant for Dr. Ford and is part of the Ford Research Group involved in Implementation and Sustainment Facilitation Research. Currently she is working on a project titled Using NIATx Strategies to Implement Integrated Service in Routine Care (DDCAT) The overarching goal of this research is to determine if NIATx strategies are effective in implementing integrated services for persons with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders.

Deepika holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy (2016) from K.M. Kundnani College of Pharmacy, Mumbai University, India. As a pharmacy student she was interested in research that focused on the social and environmental aspects that affect health behaviors. To this end, Deepika pursued a Master’s degree in Pharmacy Administration (2018) from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh. Through this program she developed an interest in behavioral theories and prospective data collection methods, especially in the area of mental health and substance use disorders. Her Master’s thesis was titled “Community Pharmacists and Substance Use Disorders: Attitudes, Knowledge and Practices” and involved a prospective electronic survey and qualitative analyses.

Deepika began her PhD program at UW-Madison in the Fall of 2018 and has worked as research assistant in the Shiyanbola Research Group. She is currently also a teaching assistant and continues to work on research projects studying illness perceptions and health literacy. She also works with her co-advisor James Ford II in the Ford Research Group studying effectiveness of implementation strategies on medication access for co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. 

Deepika is particularly interested in studying the application of dissemination and implementation sciences in pharmacy, especially in the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders. To that effect, she is pursuing a doctoral minor in Prevention and Intervention Science. Currently, her doctoral dissertation involves exploring and developing a patient-centered screening and brief intervention for opioid misuse that can be implemented in the pharmacy settings. She is pursuing a mixed methods approach and is also developing implementation measures for the intervention. Her future research goals are to pilot test the intervention and validate the implementation measures.

Deepika has worked as a Teaching Assistant at Duquesne University and taught in several labs in the Pharm D program including Communication, Patient Counselling, and Dispensing labs. She also holds a Certificate In University Teaching from Duquesne University.

Deepika has worked as a TA in the Social and Behavioral Aspects of Pharmacy and Medication Safety and Pharmacoeconomics courses. Her teaching responsibilities include guest-lecturing for classes, conducting discussion sections for PharmD students, creating teaching content, quiz and assignment questions, and help in syllabus preparation for the courses, and grading assignments and exams and review exams with students. 

In Fall 2020, Deepika was a TA in the graduate level Mixed Methods course where she helped develop the syllabus and assign readings for students. She led virtual discussions, guest lectured and provided support on student research proposals.

Deepika also mentors 3-7 Pharm D students on an individual basis on research projects within the Shiyanbola lab in every semester.

Highlighted Publications:
  • Ford II J.H., Kaur A., Rao D., Gilson A., Bolt D., Garneau H.C., Saldana L., McGovern M.P. (2021). Improving Medication Access within Integrated Treatment for Individuals with Co-Occurring Disorders in Substance Use Treatment Agencies. Implementation Research and Practice. doi: 10.1177/26334895211033659 
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  • Rao, D. Shiyanbola, O. O. (2021). Best practices for conducting and writing mixed methods research in social pharmacy. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. doi: 10.1016/j.sapharm.2021.04.015 PMID: 33975778 
  • Rao, D., Giannetti V, Kamal KM, Covvey JR, Tomko JR. (2020). The relationship between knowledge, attitudes, and practices of community pharmacists regarding persons with substance use disorders. Substance abuse,1-8. doi:10.1080/08897077.2020.1809605 PMID: 32870107 
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