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Glen S Kwon, PhD

Jens T. Carstensen Distinguished Chair in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Kwon Research Group investigates polymeric nanotechnology to formulate, target, and enhance properties of anticancer and antifibrotic drugs. Polymeric nanoparticles and polymeric conjugates prolong circulation in blood, enhance potency, and reduce toxicity of potent yet toxic anticancer drugs and biologics. Our aim is to devise highly effective drug delivery strategies that can be safely translated into humans for clinical trials, hopefully saving lives.

Dr. Glen S. Kwon is the Jens T. Carstensen Distinguished Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Dr. Kwon is an internationally recognized researcher on polymeric nanotechnology for chemotherapy and biologics, researching the spatial and temporal control of drugs by polymeric micelles and polymer-peptide conjugates. Dr. Kwon is responsible for instruction of PharmD, MS, and PhD graduate students in courses on drug delivery, pharmaceutics, and biologics. Dr. Kwon serves on scientific advisory boards, grant panels, and editorial boards of journals, providing expertise in drug delivery and pharmaceutics.