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Jason M Peters, PhD

Assistant Professor

The World Health Organization has identified Air pollution/climate change and antimicrobial resistance as the first and fifth on the list of top threats to global health, respectively. In the Peters lab, we are using the power of bacterial genetics to address both of these critical issues. Our CRISPR-based functional genomics approaches will allow us to define the roles of gene networks in the process of using microbes to convert plant material into valuable biofuels and bioproducts as well as in antibiotic targeting and resistance. We are currently developing innovative CRISPR tools for exploration of gene function in bioenergy-relevant alpha-Proteobacteria (e.g., Zymomonas mobilis) and antibiotic resistant ESKAPE pathogens (e.g., Acinetobacter baumannii).

School of Pharmacy Assessment Committee

Microbiology Doctoral Training Program Steering Committee

Genetics Steering Committee


BS Biology - Southeast Missouri State University

BS Secondary Education - Southeast Missouri State University

PhD Genetics - University of Wisconsin-Madison with Robert Landick

Postdoctoral studies - University of California, San Francisco with Carol Gross


PHARMACY 434 — Pharmaceutical Genetics and Immunology (Course Coordinator)

PHM SCI 522 — Pharmacology II

PHM SCI 780 — Principles of Pharmaceutical Sciences

MICROBIO 612 — Prokaryotic Molecular Biology

PHM SCI 645 — Pharmaceutical Biotechnology & Pharmacogenomics



Highlighted Publications:

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