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Kevin A Look, PharmD, PhD

Division Chair
Associate Professor

Dr. Look's research focuses on the impact of prescription drug insurance coverage and cost-containment policies on the cost, access, and quality of medication use. His research integrates the pharmacist perspective into policy analysis and utilizes a patient-centered approach to better understand the implications of health care policies for patients, pharmacies, and payers. Dr. Look has conducted evaluations of medication-related programs offered by both public and private payers, and assessed the impact of health care reforms such as the Affordable Care Act. He has also conducted research to better understand challenges related to the accessibility, affordability, and quality of medication use by underserved populations, with an emphasis on the unique health care needs of rural residents. His current work has focused on the impact of the prescription opioid epidemic in the state of Wisconsin, and identifying ways to incorporate pharmacists into prevention and treatment efforts. 


Dr. Look received his PharmD (2009) in pharmacy, and his MS (2011) and PhD (2013) degrees in the Social and Administrative Sciences Division, all from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His minor fields of study were economics and public policy analysis. For his master's degree, he researched the prevalence of multiple pharmacy use and the types of pharmacies used by patients. His doctoral dissertation was an evaluation of a value-based insurance design prescription drug benefit adopted by a managed care organization, which assessed the impact of the benefit change on member medication adherence and overall medication costs. He teaches professional students about the U.S. health care system, principles of drug insurance, and how pharmacy fits within the broader health care system. His graduate teaching focuses on statistical methods used in secondary data analysis. He also practices as a part-time community pharmacist.

Professional Interests: The evaluation of changes to health care policies, how changes to insurance coverage and benefit design impact medication use and costs, medication management by caregivers in rural areas, and rural-urban disparities in access to insurance and health care.


  • PharmD 2009 - University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • MS 2011 - University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • PhD 2013 - University of Wisconsin-Madison

S&A PHM 411 - The Role of the Pharmacist in the Public Health System

S&A PHM 711 - Research Methods for Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy Research


PHM PRAC 628 & 629 - Practice Innovations I & II

PHM PRAC 630 - Rural Pharmacy Practice

Highlighted Publications:

Peer Reviewed Publications:

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