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Marwa Rawy, MS

Teaching Assistant

Marwa's research interests lie at the intersection of public health, health policy, and health disparities, with a primary focus on behavioral health research. Her work contributed to describing trends and racial disparities in overdose deaths during the opioid epidemic and the important role of polysubstance use. Her dissertation, focusing on mental health, aims to take stock of the changes in mental healthcare access and affordability among US adults in the last decade (2011-2019), with a quasi-experimental evaluation of the contributions of the ACA’s Marketplace and non-group market reforms. Marwa has also training and research experience in survey methodology and psychometrics. For her master's thesis, she developed and validated an instrument to assess community pharmacists' intention to provide pharmaceutical care services. 


Marwa Rawy is a health services researcher with quantitative training and clinical background. She received her bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a graduate degree in Clinical Pharmacy from Alexandria University in Egypt. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Marwa earned a master's degree in Health Services Research and is currently pursing her doctorate degree with a minor in Population Health. Marwa has a diverse work experience in both Egypt and the US that includes health services research, academic teaching, industry, and community and clinical pharmacy practice.   


  • PhD, Health Services Research (2023) - University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • MS, Health Services Research (2019) - University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Graduate diploma, Medical Statistics (2016) - Alexandria University, Egypt
  • PharmD (2009) - Alexandria University, Egypt
  • BSc, Pharmaceutical Sciences (2006) - Alexandria University, Egypt



Required first and third year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) courses:

  1. Pharmacy in the Health Care System (S&A PHM 411) – Fall 2016/17/19/20
  2. Safety and Quality in the Medication Use System (S&A PHM 608) – Fall 2018
  3. Social and Behavioral Aspects of Pharmacy Practice (S&A PHM 414) – Spring 2019
  4. Pharmacist Communication: Educational and Behavioral Interventions (S&A PHM 652) – Spring 2017/18/20/23
Highlighted Publications:

Rawy M, Abdalla G, Look KA. Polysubstance Mortality Trends in White and Black Americans during the Opioid Epidemic, 1999-2018. Research Square. Preprint posted online November 4, 2022. doi:10.21203/ (under review: BMC Public Health)

Rawy M, Look KA, Amin M, Chewning B. Development and validation of a theory-based instrument to predict community pharmacists’ intention to provide pharmaceutical care services. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. 2021;17(4):664-676. doi:10.1016/j.sapharm.2020.06.026

Kim N, Rawy M, Look KA. Utilization of preventive services by women enrolled in the ACA’s Health InsuranceMarketplace. Preventive Medicine. 2021. doi: 10.1016/j.ypmed.2021.106901 (Online ahead of print)

Amin ME, Quodah B, Kaur A, Rawy M, Chewning B. Construction and Evaluation of an Online Module Addressing Counseling Diabetic Patients Observing Religious Fasting. Curr Pharm Teach Learn. 2021;13(12):1602-1610. doi:10.1016/j.cptl.2021.09.022