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Mary S Hayney, PharmD, MPH, FCCP, BCPS

Professor (CHS)

Patients on immunosuppression for the management of their underlying diseases are at high risk of infection, including vaccine-preventable diseases.  Immunosuppression may affect vaccine responses.  The Hayney Laboratory conducts research studies of vaccine responses in immunosuppressed patient groups.

Mary joined the University of Wisconsin's School of Pharmacy in 1997. Her research interests are in host response to vaccination and protective effects, especially as they relate to immunosuppressed individuals. Her clinical practice is with the lung transplant group at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics. Her postdoctoral training was at the Mayo Clinic and Foundation in Clinical Pharmacology and Vaccine Research. Her laboratory studies responses to vaccines, particularly in immunosuppressed populations.

Professional Interests: Mechanisms of vaccine response


  • BS - University of Minnesota
  • PharmD - University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy
  • Residency - Pharmacy Practice at the Mayo Clinic and Foundation
  • Fellowship - Mayo Vaccine Research Group, Clinical Pharmacology Unit
  • MPH - University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Fellow of the University of Wisconsin Teaching Academy

Lung transplant clinic at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics

Highlighted Publications:
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  • Schell TL, Knutson KL, Saha S, Wald A, Phan HS, Almasry M, Chun K, Grimes I, Lutz M, Hayney MS, Farraye FA, Caldera F. Humoral immunogenicity of 3 COVID-19 messenger RNA vaccine doses in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.  Inflamm Bowel Dis 2022   PMID: 35396992
  • Manley HJ, Lacson EK, Aweh G, Li NC, Weiner DE, Miskulin DC, Hsu CM, Kapoian T, Hayney MS, Meyer KB, Johnson DS. Seroresponse to inactivated and recombinant influenza vaccines among maintenance hemodialysis patients. Am J Kidney Dis 2022 Ahead of print PMID: 35288216
  • Smelter D, Hayney M, Sakoula G, Rose W. Is the success of cefazolin plus ertapenem in methicillin-susceptible bacteremia based on release of interleukin 1-beta? Antimicrob Agents Chemother online ahead of print  PMID: 34978891
    Editor’s choice
  • Caldera F, Knutson K, Saha, S, Wald A. Phan H, Chun K, Grimes I, Lutz M, Hayney MS, Farraye F. Humoral Immunogenicity of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines among patients with inflammatory bowel disease and healthy controls. Am J Gastroenterol Publish Ahead of Print , doi: 10.14309/ajg.0000000000001570. PMID: 34797219
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