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Sara Hassan, B.Pharm, MS, PhD




Sara is currently conducting research through the primates center and the VA hospital at UWMadison. She is examining the mechanisms by which caloric restriction impacts aging and longevity in monkeys. 

Sara is originally a pharmacist. She got her bachelor of pharmacy from Egypt. She practiced as a registered pharmacist in several community pharmacies in Cairo. Sara then joined the academic staff of the clinical pharmacy department in the school of pharmacy, Ain Shams University. She taught for three years several courses including pharmacotherapy, pharmacokinetics, pharmacy practice, biostatistics and pathophysiology. During this period, Sara was involved as a clinical researcher in several clinical trials evaluating the safety and efficacy of different drugs in patients suffering from heart failure and acute coronary syndrome.

Sara then started her graduate studies through the American university in Cairo. She did her masters in Tej K. Pandita's lab at UT-Southwestern, Dallas, TX. Her research involved identifying new regulators of telomeres maintenance, in addition to studying different regulators of DNA damage and repair.  

She then joined Bruce Spiegelman's lab at Harvard Medical School, where she did her PhD in brown fat metabolism and obesity. She graduated in April 2017 and joined the pharmaceutical sciences department in September 2017.

Sara is teaching Pharmacology I (PHMSCI 521) and Pharmacology II (PHMSCI 522) for DPH2 in the PharmD program and the Pharmacology/Toxicology program. She is also the course coordinator and instructor of Pharm 640 "Appropriate use of drugs of abuse".

Sara is doing her pharmacy clinical service in the emergency department at UW Health hospital as a pharmacy intern.

Highlighted Publications:

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