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Scott Knishka, BCNP, RPh

Research Program Manager
Manager, Nuclear Pharmacy Services, UW Health and UWSMPH

Radiopharmaceutical Development

Translational research of radiopharmaceuticals

Manager, Nuclear Pharmacy Services for UW Health and UWSMPH with two labs

1) UW Hospital Nuclear Pharmacy

2) WIMR Radiopharmaceutical Production Facility

Course Coordinator for Two School of Pharmacy Classes

1)  Medical Imaging for Pharmacists (611)

2)  Radiopharmaceuticals (612)


I received my pharmacy degree from Purdue University with a specialization in Nuclear Pharmacy and have been Board Certified in Nuclear Pharmacy since 1995.   After spending 15 years staffing and managing commercial nuclear pharmacies, I came to UW Health in 2006 to work in an academic medical center.   My current role is “Pharmacy Manager, Nuclear Pharmacy Services,” which has me involved in the compounding and dispensing operations in the Nuclear Medicine department at University Hospital, as well as the manufacturing and dispensing operations at the Radiopharmaceutical Production Facility located in the Wisconsin Institute of Medical Research.   With this role, I have had the opportunity to serve on various committees involving the use of radiation in clinical procedures and research protocols.   Some of these committees include the University of Wisconsin Executive Radiation Safety Committee, the University of Wisconsin Campus Radiation Safety Committee, the VA Hospital Radiation Safety Committee, UW Health Human Radioactive Use Committee (Vice-Chair), MRI Safety Committee, UW Radioactive Drug Research Committee, and an editorial board member of Purdue University’s BCNP Recertification Program Editorial Board.  These opportunities have allowed me to use and expand my education daily. Besides operations, I am an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice course coordinator for a couple of classes at the School of Pharmacy: Medical Imaging for Pharmacists (611) and Radiopharmaceuticals (612). These are elective classes available to 2nd and 3rd years pharmacy students and provide a general overview of the current procedures and technology used in a typical radiology department in a hospital.   Professionally, I am an active member of the Nuclear Pharmacy Special Interest Group (Professional Policy sub-committee) of American Pharmacists Association and a part of the Committee for Radiopharmaceuticals and the Continuing Education committee of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. 

Medical Imaging for Pharmacists (611)

Radiopharmaceuticals (612)

UW Hospital

Locum Pharmacist for Cardinal Health Nuclear Pharmacy Services

Consultant:  Novelos Pharmaceuticals, Northstar Nuclear Medicine