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  • Olayinka Shiyanbola
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Yen-Ming Huang

Teaching Assistant--Spring 2018--SAS 414




Background: Yen-Ming received a BS in Pharmacy (2002) and a MS in Clinical Pharmacy (2004) both from National Taiwan University. For his MS degree, Yen-Ming primarily assessed the public’s knowledge and attitude concerning medication use and self-care after completing a medication education program that had been recommended by pharmacists. Yen-Ming joined the graduate program in Social and Administrative Sciences in Pharmacy (SAS) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall of 2014. Before returning to graduate school, he had practiced in community and hospital pharmacy for 7 years. He was also an adjunct lecturer at the Graduate Institute of Clinical Pharmacy in National Taiwan University since 2009.

During Yen-Ming’s practice in hospital and community pharmacy, he experienced firsthand how medication safety in patient care could be improved dramatically via pharmaceutical services such as patient counseling and medication use education. After individualized counseling, patients got more detailed information about how to use their medicines, had better adherence and improved their self-care skills. On the other hand, the pharmacists gained more respect and trust from the public for their efforts in educating them about their medicines. Yen-Ming further realized that with the support of appropriate health policies and effective utilization of medical resources, pharmacists did help enhance patient safety in medication use and disease control. Such experiences drove him to devote his time and career path to providing accessible and affordable pharmacy services that can improve medication safety for patients. In the doctoral program, Yen-Ming hopes to expand his interests in the evaluation of the impact of pharmaceutical services on patients’ medication safety and further develop his ability to improve better patient self-care.

Professional Interests:

Evaluation of patient perceptions and attitudes towards their medications and pharmacy services and the effects of pharmacist intervention on patients’ behavior and medication safety.


MS in Clinical Pharmacy 2004 - National Taiwan University (Taipei, Taiwan)

BS in Pharmacy 2002 - National Taiwan University (Taipei, Taiwan)

Teaching assistant for S&A PHM 411, The Role of the Pharmacist in the Public Health System
Teaching assistant for S&A PHM 414, Pharmacy in Health Care System

Highlighted Publications:


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